“Rainwater returns by capillarity, acting as an artificial water table.”

TecGarden® is a building system for self-erecting slab gardens that allows you to use rainwater for irrigation without the use of electricity, pumps or any automatic or manual mechanism. It consists of pedestals and irrigation pipes, as well as raised floor plates made from thermoplastic polypropylene.

The Solution

  • Increases green presence in urban areas and contributes to the reduction of airborne pollutants.
  • Retains rainwater under the raised floor and can serve as a retention basin, minimizing deleterious flood effects.
  • Allows capillary irrigation.
  • It allows the planting of undergrowth as well as large. Gives landscape creator freedom of creation.
  • Uses recycled and recyclable raw material Contributes to sustainability labels, including LEED.
  • In São Paulo, helps to add points under the Environmental Quota.
  • Add thermal comfort and reduce heat islands.
  • Increases the life of slab waterproofing.

Supply buoy

The Tecgarden system also has a direct water supply from the urban network, in which, in times of drought, with the use of a float the reservoir is always kept with water, obtaining a beautiful garden all year round. However, the float is only activated when the reservoir is practically dry, thus avoiding waste of water and generating more savings for the condominium.

Components used in the system

Adjustable pedestal

 Board 50x50cm/60x60cm

Irrigation Wick

Inspection Box