The Remaster Indoor Raised Floor is manufactured in engineered thermoplastic and weighs only 12kg per m². It is a modular building solution that offers flexibility for layout changes in a clean and fast construction. The malleability of the plastic material allows for easy cut-outs as well as for drilling new connection boxes without the need for extra costs.

System Advantages

  • Facilitates layout changes and allows reuse of all material in case of dismantling
  • It has plates embedded and interlocked in the pedestals, ensuring stability and quick installation.
  • Uses recycled and recyclable raw material (thermoplastic polypropylene)
  • It is adaptable to different heights of heights
  • Allows you to incorporate floor-inflated air conditioning vents
  • Meets ABNT NBR 11.802 – Raised Floors – Specification
  • Can receive various coatings (porcelain, carpet, vinyl, etc.)

Components Used In The System

Adjustable pedestal

Fixed Pedestal

 Board 50x50cm/60x60cm