The Remaster® Outdoor Raised Floor is designed for weather-exposed areas such as circulation spaces in common areas of buildings and balconies.

System Advantages

  • Allows you to create a system for rainwater retention, functioning as a small underfloor cistern.
  • It has easy maintenance. In the event of a leak, the slab can be accessed by shifting the liner to release the plastic panel.
  • It uses thermoplastic polypropylene from recycled raw material (discarded plastic) and 100% recyclable.
  • It has proven resistance by the Falcão Bauer Institute according to ABNT NBR 15.575-3 / 13 – Housing Buildings – Performance.
  • When used on balconies, it favors the integration of the outdoor area with the interiors.
  • Ensures alignment of plates throughout use (4mm).
  • Better stability between plates that is maintained through the solution’s component set interlocking system, not requiring the use of cork on plates and or mandatory periodic maintenance.
  • With the use of raised floor in outdoor areas, it does not happen to create puddles as in the traditional way, thus avoiding accidents and maintaining an incomparable aesthetic.


The innovative concept brings to the market a freedom of creation for landscape architecture, as it allows the raised floor system to be treated separately from the finish. We can therefore participate in projects with different coatings and varying sizes, and not necessarily modulated.


(uses leak-free plate)

Out of modulation

(uses cast plate)

Water Catchment

The external adjustable pedestal has a 4mm thick spacer which in addition to providing a perfect fit and alignment between the plates ensures the ideal spacing for water flow. Where each m² is equivalent to a 4 inch / m² intake pipe, extremely oversized value for rainwater harvesting.

Remaster raised floor installation at great heights

Due to its unique plate interlocking system, the Remaster raised floor system allows installation at higher heights, providing the necessary stability and safety throughout use.

Components used in the system

Adjustable pedestal

Adjustable pedestal

 Board 50x50cm/60x60cm